10 Questions to Ask Hard Money Lenders

Written by Grace Widdicombe New hard money borrowers may be intimidated when inquiring about a hard money loan for real estate, and therefore let the lender dictate the conversation.  Arm yourself with these 10 questions before the interview. This will help avoid getting into a bad situation with a hard money lender who isn’t able … Continued

Seller Contributions – First Time Home Buyers Advantage

Today’s real estate market is weird. Everybody is saying it. What’s so weird about it? My guess is that Seller Contributions have made their way into making the market weird for the real estate investor. Let me explain. The Remedy: Seller Contributions Real estate professionals (the real estate brokers and the mortgage brokers) have become … Continued

Seller’s Market

A seller’s market is described as the average house taking less than 6 months to sell. We are definitely in a Seller’s Market in Eugene Oregon, with the current average being 56 days. Per Zillow, the median home value in Eugene Oregon is still strong at the price of $349,466. Eugene home values have gone … Continued

Rule of Thumb for Buying

Rule of Thumb for Buying Investment Properties For decades the rule of thumb for buying investment properties was the 2% rule.  Which meant that 2% of the price of the property would equal or be less than the rents in one month. Then as property prices rose, but not the rents, the Rule of Thumb … Continued

House Flipping – is it still profitable?

Is House Flipping Still Profitable? Even in the high priced market, and the tariffs on the materials used to do house flipping, the success is all in the details. The house flippers that I know and associate with do great sometimes and not so great other times.  House flipping is profitable if you have ambition, … Continued

RE Investing Due Diligence Answers

Real Estate Investing Due Diligence Trivia Answers: 1) The invalid step in the due diligence process is #2, as there is no reason to do more due-diligence until you have an accepted offer.   2) The correct answer is #4, as you should consider all in your first step of due diligence, and you could add … Continued

Real Estate Trivia Due Diligence

Real Estate Trivia – Due Diligence Due Diligence is the investigation or audit of a potential investment or product to confirm all facts, according to Investopedia. How should one do their due diligence when purchasing a buy-and-hold investment property? 1) There are 4 stages in the due diligence process, which of these is not one … Continued


Real Estate Investing:  PRO-FORMAS Creating pro-formas for real estate developments, acquisitions, and dispositions can be a tedious endeavor! There are so many factors to consider when analyzing a development project. In no time, several “back of the envelope” calculations can quickly turn into a jumbled mess of spreadsheet tabs, projections, convoluted formulas, and—worst of all—sleepless … Continued

Property Flipping Down 12%

Property Flipping Down 12% If you are a house flipper, you may be feeling the pull of a shift in the business. Then again, you may be rising above the challenges in the house flipping market.  Nation-wide, it appears, the house flipping market is getting tougher, not just in Eugene/Springfield Oregon. According to ATTOM Data … Continued

Self-Directed IRA Investing

The Self-Directed IRA Investing — Myth or Fact? By IRA Advantage, Portland OR The following are common objections to using IRA/401k funds for real estate investments.  Here are the truths: Personal Use– You cannot personally use property owned by your IRA. Correct, any benefit to a plan’s owner from an investment prior to its distribution … Continued