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Congress has been implementing sections of the Dodd-Frank Act each year since 2011. Recently there have been changes as to how real estate investors are handled and how we can relate to other real estate investors. The regulations can be found under what is titled Regulation A, and Regulation D. Basically what is most important is who can invest in real estate with other by contributing money to another real estate investor and say “here, put some money on that house, make me the beneficiary of the trust deed in first position, pay me such & such interest for so many months/years, record it at the county clerks’ recording office, and we’re good to go.”

I’ve invested with other real estate investors like this. And it’s okay to do this. I am just lending money. No biggie. I get a great income back on my money, it’s secured with a note, a mortgage, and when it’s time for the note to be due, I get all of my investment back. Then… I look for somewhere else to invest my money.

However; if you’re investing by buying notes, or selling your real estate properties and turning them into seller finance so you can have long-term income with interest then the Dodd-Frank Act says you (the little guy and not Wall Street) have to be an accredited investor in order to make such a financial decision for yourself. Why? Because you need Mortgage Loan Originator to write the document for you.

So, what is an Accredited Investor?
I’ll point you to the answer from the Federal Government.

Accredited Investor Application Form

We present accredited investors with an opportunity to review quality deal flow that matches their criteria. Access to our opportunities is free for your use, however, you must be a direct, accredited or sophisticated investor. This section is not open to broker dealers/finders/middle-men. All applications are reviewed by hand. If you are interested in investment opportunities with us, please complete and submit the registration form below.
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